Fort Lauderdale, Nov (SF) .- Facebook opens this week in the United States a new method to make payments that will also be available on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, although in these last two platforms it will arrive later.

According to the company Facebook Pay will allow users to keep a better record of their payments, in addition it will make safer the purchase of items in stores, the purchase of tickets for events, as well as donations or the sending of money.

Through a statement Facebook announced that this new feature in the future will be available in more countries, as well as on Instagram and WhatsApp.

With Facebook Pay users can add and choose a default payment method to perform all their transactions, avoiding the need to add bank information for each transaction. They will also be able to customize the settings for each app or choose a payment method to be used on all platforms that belong to Facebook. There is also a history of purchasing and customer service via live chat in the United States.

How does Facebook Pay work?
To start using Facebook Pay on Facebook or Messenger you must enter Settings and privacy, select Settings and then the Facebook Pay option. Then add a payment method, be it a credit or debit card or a PayPal account and you’re ready, you’ll be ready for the next time you want to buy an item in selected stores or in the Marketplace, send money or make purchases within some game.

You can also add a PIN to your payments and your fingerprint to increase security in your transactions.

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