Madrid, Nov (SF) .- The Spanish singer and songwriter Joaquín Sabina has again denied everything, this time with a somewhat unexpected marriage proposal to his Peruvian girlfriend Jimena Coronado, who has been with him for 20 years.

The news was made by the singer Joan Manuel Serrat, his friend and fellow tour in Argentina, through an interview with the Argentine program Teleshow to which both artists attended during their joint tour of Latin America, ‘There are no two without three’ .

Between jokes Sabina reproached his colleague that he shouldn’t tell, but the singer from Úbeda confirmed the news: “I’m 70 years old and the day Jime turned 50, I folded my cervix and in verse,” he said.

The couple met in 1999 in a suite at the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, where Coronado went as a photographer for the local newspaper El Comercio for a report. Since then, they have not separated, reports the newspaper El País.

Jimena is the daughter of the former president of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. Both live in Madrid and it is she who is responsible for Sabina’s interviews with the press. In addition, it has been the muse that helped him in his recovery after the cerebral infarction that the singer suffered in 2001.

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