Santo Domingo, Nov (SF) .- Dominican bachatero Romeo Santos said that not even an ankle injury will stop the 15 free concerts he will perform in the Dominican Republic as part of the People’s Tour.

The interpreter of “Indecent Proposal” posted a video on his Instagram account (@romeosantos) in which he says that on Tuesday, while playing basketball with his nephew, he injured his ankle.

“Then my people today I went to play basketball with my nephew early, and I deprived Michael Jordan of a strange jump and injured my ankle. Then I make this video for when they see me limping, if they see me limping, know the reason, because the tour of the people goes, that nothing else stops God, ”said Santos.

“Christmas will come to the Dominican Republic in November. “The Tour of the People” will be only 15 presentations in 15 provinces of the country. I know that they are used to seeing me at the Olympic Stadium, but this time I want to reach the masses who for some reason have not been able to enjoy my presentations in the country, ”he announced last September.

In September Romeo Santos offered a show at the Met Life Stadium in New Jersey, United States, where more than 80,000 people enjoyed a two-hour concert.

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