Washington, Nov (SF) .- A cyclist who lost his job by showing President Donald Trump the middle finger while riding with his caravan, a gesture considered obscene in the United States and many other countries, was elected to a public office in the Virginia state.

Juli Briskman, whose insulting greeting was captured by an AFP agency photographer and went viral, defeated the Republican who held a seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, in a state election in which President Trump’s party He suffered a series of painful defeats.

Briskman, 52, a single mother of two teenagers, lost her job as a marketing analyst for a government subcontractor and the U.S. military after the image of her gesture circulated through the media and through the internet in 2017, turning her Blank insults and threats.

But his dismissal also opened “many doors,” said Briskman, which included accepting the offer to run for local government in the Democratic Party formula.

That decision paid off on Tuesday night: the scrutiny of 99% of the polling stations granted him 52% of the votes, which left Republican Suzanne Volpe in second place.

To celebrate her victory, Briskman posted a tweet with a link to the photo in which she appears on her bicycle, with her left hand up, showing her big finger to the convoy of black trucks with smoked glass.

During the campaign in Loudoun – one of the counties with the highest per capita income in the United States – Briskman did not mention the image that gave him his 15 minutes of fame, unless voters started talking “about the government” or made comments on Your bicycle-shaped pin.

Her strategy, on the other hand, was to show that there was “substance” behind her candidacy: education, women’s rights, transportation and environmental issues, and that she was not only “the person who rode her bicycle one day and showed her the finger to the president. “

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