Cologne, Nov (SF) .- The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, announced the creation of a new social network based on a different model from Facebook and other similar platforms, as it will be financed through donations and will be free of advertising.

“Goodbye, Facebook, it’s time for something new,” Wales said at the Digital X fair, held in Cologne (Germany), announcing the WT: Social network, which is still under development.

“Can you imagine a social network where the whole community can edit the contents?” Wales asked the audience. And then he explained that his idea is “to transfer the principles of Wikipedia to a social network”.

The executive also promised that users who register on the platform in the first stage will receive a friend request from him, which he will send personally, collect German media.

“We will never sell your data”

On its website, WT: Social remarks that other social networks, as they grew up, “also amplified the voices of bad actors around the world,” while their algorithms have only been concerned “to keep people in platform addiction without content. ”

On the other hand, it ensures that your project seeks to be different and that it will “never” sell the data of its users, because it survives “thanks to the generosity of individual donors, to ensure that privacy is protected and that its social space is free of publicity” .

“We will authorize [each user] to make their own decisions about the content they receive and to directly edit the deceptive headlines or mark problematic publications,” promises WT: Social.


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