Washington, Nov (SF) .- On November 11, Mercury will pass between Earth and the Sun and in this way will star in a rare astronomical event that will last less than 6 hours and will not be repeated until 2032.

“From our perspective on Earth, we can only see once Mercury and Venus pass in front of the Sun […], that’s why it’s a rare event that you won’t want to miss!”, They pointed out from NASA through a release.

During the show, which will last about 5.5 hours, Mercury will be visible as a black dot that moves in front of the Sun. However, the small size of this planet makes it impossible to enjoy the event without the use of binoculars or telescopes with sunscreen .

In this context, specialists remember that direct observation of the Sun without special protective equipment can cause damage to the eyes, as well as lead to loss of vision.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather explained that transits like this occur “approximately 13 times every 100 years” and indicated that the next one will not be registered before November 13, 2032. This year, the phenomenon will be observed almost throughout North America and the United States. South, as well as in Europe, Africa and in western Asia.

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