Agencies, Oct (SF) .- NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, currently crew members of the International Space Station, will take a spacewalk this October 21.

It will be the first time in history that two women do something like that, or put another way: that the spacewalk is exclusively starring women.

The problem of two women leaving the ISS at the same time was logistic: there was only one medium-sized spacesuit. Now, finally, they have sent another one to the station.

NASA claims that the decision to send this second medium-sized suit had to do with the amount of spacewalks ahead and which crew members will be available in the coming months.

So far, more than 200 astronauts have carried out spacewalks. The first spacewalk (or extravehicular activity, EVA) was carried out by Lt. Col. Alexei Leonov of the USSR on March 18, 1965. Outside the Vosjod 2 spacecraft, Leonov remained in space for 12 minutes and 9 seconds.

The first bareback spacewalk, without restraint, took place in 1984. It was starred by Captain Bruce McCandless, a NASA astronaut, and did so from the Challenger space shuttle on February 7.

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