Agencies, Sept (SF) .- One of the best physical exercises for our health is walking fast, that’s the main conclusion shown by study published recently by Harvard University, United States.

Although running can be more attractive to some people, this exercise is of great impact in ours joints, that’s why several researchers recommend alternating the races with the walks or even replacing them altogether.

“Walking fast decreases the risk of hypertension, reduces blood pressure values. It also helps reduce cholesterol, prevents the onset of diabetes. It also improves circulation and toning of legs, abdominals and gluteus, and helps to lose weight, especially if you spend between 45 minutes and one hour a day. ” says Mauro Carné, physical activity coordinator at Metropolitan Galileo in Barcelona.

The also Spanish Dr. Carlos González de Vega San Román, specialist in Sports Medicine, explains that “walking fast can also get to injure you and is almost always due to a bad posture or bad patterns when walking. A bad posture can determine the stride that be given, also the back and the position of arms and head can lead to overload certain areas. ”

Therefore, according to your physical abilities, either of these two options will be right and healthy for you, whether it is running slowly for 40 minutes or walking fast 20, the most important thing is to have an active physical activity in our daily routine to avoid Sedentary lifestyle as well as improve our health.

You could start with the following routine:
For three days a week, combine different rhythms until you can endure the entire journey at the maximum walking pace. For example, start the first week by combining two rhythms, the normal one when walking on the street (for 5 min.) With a faster one, as if we were in a hurry (for 15 min.)
The following week introduce a third speed, and more energetic, in which we notice how the pulsations go up, reduce the minutes of normal rhythm, and gradually increase them to more speed.

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