Agencies, Sept (SF) .- A group of researchers has raised a very crazy idea: build an elevator that connects us quickly from Earth to the Moon.

Zephyr Penoyre, from the University of Cambridge, and Emily Sanford, from Columbia, in New York, have raised this idea, arguing that there is currently the necessary technology to carry out such a construction.

One of the first approaches of scientists to defend their idea is that developing this new form would be much cheaper than the current ways that many experts work to reach the Moon, and avoid continuing to build so many propellant-based rockets.

The idea is to build a space elevator with a cable that would be anchored to the ground, extending beyond the geosynchronous orbit, which is located about 42,000 kilometers above our planet.

This process can be powered by solar energy so it would not be necessary to have some type of fossil fuel, scientists argue in an article published in the journal Astronomical Act, already available on the ArXiv portal of Cornell University.

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The cable, the researchers estimate, would have to be built based on carbon nanotubes, tremendously narrow at its ends, so as not to collapse due to gravitational pressure, and widen in the center, to prevent its breakage.

To face the rotation of our planet, experts suggest that this elevator would solve the problem since it would make a much slower turn because it would be anchored at a much slower speed because the physical forces are lower.

Finally, for now this is just an idea that still requires a lot of development but, it seems, already has a lot of scientific support so we could certainly face a different way of connecting to the Earth and the Moon In the near future.

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