Madrid, Sept 9 (SF) .- Hundreds of fans of Camilo Sesto approached the headquarters of the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE), in Madrid, from early Monday, to say goodbye to the Spanish singer, who died at dawn on Sunday at 72, after suffering a renal failure.

The burning chapel of Camilo Sesto opened its doors at 11:00 hours, minutes after the coffin arrived. Already then, a multitude of fans loaded with bouquets of flowers and large photographs, waited in an endless line, while singing some of the most international songs of the singer.

Camilo Blani, 36 and the only child of Camilo Sesto, traveled from Mexico (where he lives) to Madrid to go to the burning chapel and say goodbye to his father.

The remains of the renowned artist will remain at the headquarters of the SGAE until 20:00 on Monday, with a solemn grand piano and a great image of the deceased.

Dozens of wreaths, bouquets, large photographs and posters surround the coffin of the artist, who sold more than 70 million copies in his 40-year career.

According to the EFE agency told the representative of Camilo Sesto, Eduardo Guervós, the remains of the singer will be cremated when the duel ends, fulfilling his last wishes.

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