Identify and treat your headaches with alternative therapies


Fort Lauderdale, Aug 22 (SF) .- For a few years I suffered from various types of headaches, I remember that at that time I had two names for my condition: Migraine or just headache.

Sometimes we do not know the trigger of our discomforts and, therefore, we resort to emerging methods that only turn off the pain for a short time and end up coming back again and again.

In Headaches, Alternative Therapies, by Carina Díaz, the reader will find a quick possible reason for the “trigger” of his pain and in this way he will be able to make changes in his lifestyle that will help him prevent and, if necessary, act against their “migraines.”

I wish I had read it before, but I am still grateful to know it now, and even more to share it with you.

My recurring headaches were disappearing for a couple of years when I began to make a vegetarian diet, regular physical exercises, to enjoy my company and that of others, I changed jobs and some other changes.

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