DR: Mozart ex wife takes off his buttocks and shares the experience


Santo Domingo, Aug 19 (SF) .- Alexandra Hatcu, ex wife of the Dominican urban singer Mozart la Para has once again made headlines, this time because of his booty.

The instagramer talked about the aesthetic processes she has undergone and confessed that after her first experience (a liposuction) she became almost addicted.

Alexandra, who injected biopolymers twice, the first was about six months after the birth of her daughter Charlotte, she did it because she looked “flat” and then, a year later, she continued to feel unhappy with her buttocks and did it again .

He confessed that it was in a clandestine place for which he paid about 60 thousand pesos each time.

In March of last year, she decided to take them off because she and her ex-husband Mozart La Para were planning to have another baby. For that reason he traveled twice to Colombia on the recommendation of a friend. However, he said that he lived a nightmare because in both surgeries instead of reducing his buttocks increased.

The Romanian said that she did not feel well with the body she had after the biopolymers, but she was afraid to go to a center because she did not trust anyone after the experience Lived in the South American country.

On July 27 he underwent another surgery, this time of reconstruction because according to her, she had a disaster. After he left the operating room she was informed that the biopolymer was watered and had an open implant.

Although she is already feeling better, she has lived through difficult times, such as in the past few days that she had to be hospitalized again after surgery. He spent six days inside to prevent an infection.

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