Coffee before bedtime is not a problem, according to scientific study

The scientists added that nicotine was the substance most related to insomnia, causing an approximate 42-minute reduction in sleep duration


Boca Ratón, Aug (SF) .- If you are one of those who loves to wake up smelling coffee in the morning you should know that now you could also enjoy it before sleeping without fear of diminishing the quality of your sleep.

What could interfere with your dreams are alcohol and nicotine. These are the conclusions of an investigation in which 785 people participated over 5,164 days and nights, period in which the amount of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine that each consumed was recorded, for an average of 6 nights within 4 hours before bedtime.

The records were obtained through a wrist sensor that measured three parameters: the duration of sleep, its efficiency and how quickly they woke up after falling asleep.

Both nicotine and alcohol acted as negative agents in the rest of the individuals. In both cases, problems of lower sleep efficiency were found every night, but only nicotine was related to occasional awakening or wakeful periods after sleeping.

Meanwhile, caffeine was not associated with any of the parameters evaluated. However, the researchers warn that the dosage of caffeine, and the individual variations in its sensitivity and tolerance, could not be measured and can play an important role in the association between its consumption and sleep.

The results of the Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School study were published in the journal Sleep.

Christine E. Spadola, Ph.D., lead author of the research.

The scientists added that the findings were “a surprise” for the team, but were aligned with previous evidence on the effect of caffeine on sleep. In addition, it was reiterated that nicotine was the substance most related to insomnia, causing an approximate reduction of 42 minutes in sleep duration.

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