Panama, Aug (SF) .- “First time I come, you have to go out to see the truth,” says the Cuban Alain Rodríguez visibly excited in a video that he posted on his Facebook account.

The also known on social networks as “Cuban Paparazzi” reveals that with the tennis found he will be able to pay the price of the ticket he paid to travel to Panama, a country to which thousands of Cubans travel every month in search of merchandise that is scarce in Cuba .

The influencer couldn’t believe when he saw so many practically new shoes in a dump, especially because in Cuba these types of products have always been in short supply. “Look bro, they throw the new shoes ahh !! Look at the dad boots!, says in the video.

From October 29, 2018, Panama began to grant tourism cards, a legal document that allowed the citizens of the Island to remain 30 days in Panamanian territory to make purchases in that country.

As reported last year by the manager of the Colon Free Zone, Manuel Grimaldo, Cubans who travel to Panama for commercial purposes currently contribute about 100 million dollars to that country.

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