New York, Jul (SF) .- Google engineers are offering gift cards in the streets of New York in exchange for scanning your face, in order to improve their facial recognition system of your Pixel phones.

According to a ZDNet report, the company’s engineers have been offering cards worth US $ 5 redeemable on Amazon or Starbucks to citizens who were walking through the Big Apple, in exchange for scanning their face.

El autor del reporte relata que un conocido suyo fue interceptado por uno de estos ingenieros de Google, que le dijo algo como “Hola, trabajo para Google y estamos recopilando datos para mejorar la próxima generación de desbloqueo de teléfonos con reconocimiento facial’.

The Google worker asked him to hold a cell phone covered with a large case to prevent his design from being seen and moving his face in several directions when viewed on the screen. This mysterious cell phone could be the future Pixel 4.

In addition to facial recognition, previous reports indicate that both the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL could have gestural recognition technology that would allow them to be controlled with the movement of the hands in front of the screen.

At the moment they are all rumors and leaks, so we have to wait until October, the month in which Google is expected to present the Pixel 4 and maybe even a smart watch.

The data and privacy of your face, for five dollars

An engineer whom the ZDNet portal calls George assumes that Google “will use the data to train a neural network to be able to recognize what a face is” at the generic level, to later teach “to your own phone how is your own face”. In the style of Face ID, but more precise.

The interviewee affirms that, although he did not read the specifications completely, he is not really worried about the privacy associated with this transfer of image rights:

“Google basically already has all my life on its servers. And eliminating Google from my life is not going to happen from a practical point of view. I really don’t care about data privacy because I think everything is an illusion.”

It is very likely that Google has already taken advantage of public videos on YouTube or Google Photos itself, as it did with the data of the Mannequin Challenge, the viral challenge that flooded the networks in 2016.

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