Agencies, Jul (SF) .- The singer Isabel Pantoja has confessed that her good friend and responsible for some of the most notable successes of his career, Juan Gabriel came to ask marriage on one occasion.

The success “Así ser” was written by Juan Gabriel for Isabel Pantoja.

During one of the most extensive and sincere interviews Pantoja has given in years the spanish said that Gabriel proposed was in order to consecrate a close relationship based on admiration and mutual respect.

In this way, the “tonadillera” has confirmed the truth of some rumors that had been circulating for years in both the Spanish and Mexican press.

“Yes, it’s true, when my son was 4 years old, he wanted me to be his wife, knowing both of us, accepting both of us, respecting both of us.” And I said, “It can not be.” and He understood it perfectly, “he explained in conversation with the presenter Jordi González.

“He understood it perfectly because the friendship we had was so beautiful, in spite of that great Atlantic that existed between us”, he added about the deep bond that united him to the ill-fated Mexican singer-songwriter, who died in August 2016 at 66 year old.

Regardless of the love she felt for him was in the affective and fraternal and not in the purely romantic, the veteran performer, who acts as godmother to Ivan, one of the legendary artist’s sons, has also admitted that he questions frequently she made the right decision in rejecting her proposal of marriage, since she has never met anyone, with the exception of her deceased husband Paquirri, who “understood her so well” as her “compadre” Juan Gabriel.

“I have to confess to you that many times I have regretted not having done it, I would never have found, after my husband, of course, a person who understood me so well. He was and will be a genius for eternity, “she explained excitedly and looking at the sky.

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