Agencies, Jul (SF) .- Although incorrect information has recently emerged about alleged asteroids that would pass dangerously close to Earth for the months of September and October, the space rocks that do catch the attention of scientists are what are expected spend this second week of July, at a lesser distance than from Earth to the Moon.

“This week we will have two asteroids that will be passing between Earth and the Moon, and although there is no risk of impact, both are larger than the one that penetrated the skies of Russia in February 2013,” said the Caribbean Astronomy Society. (SAC).

The asteroid called “2019 MB4” is a rock about 23 meters (75 feet) in diameter and would have its closest approach this Tuesday; while another asteroid, which has been called “2019 NN3”, is twice the size: 46 meters (151 feet), and would be passing close to Earth at about 12:29 p.m. (near noon) on Wednesday.

The latter is the largest asteroid to pass this close so far this year, highlighted the SAC.

It was clarified that none of these asteroids is at risk of impact, since both would be passing 0.8 times the Earth-Moon distance.

The two space rocks were detected from Telescopes in Mauna Kea and Haleakala, Hawaii.

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