Miami, Jul (SF).- With the arrival of summer the low season begins for the State of the Sun’s spas, which is why many of these aesthetic and relaxation centers carry out the special “Spa Months”, which favor to local guest.

If you want to relax the tensions of your body, and also those of your pocket, Noticias Sin Fronteras shares some of the benefits and characteristics of the massages that you should keep in mind when choosing the ideal for you.

We talked with the therapist Heidis Guerra, and this was what she recommended:

Why are massages impotant?

“Its benefits are endless, they help you to release tensions, both physical and mental, to tone muscles, to relieve pains. When we massage, we relax the nervous system, it also stimulates the lymphatic system and the immune system, so you can improve your defenses. ”

How to know what massage we need?

“The type of massage that is needed will depend on the conditions and lifestyle of the person, for example, if you are under stress due to a lot of work or physical fatigue, we recommend a relaxing massage that takes a delicate technique but firm time, it helps you to deal with pains and tensions, and is the most recommended and used.

“There is also the deep tissue, which is applied when we have an excess of tension or stress, or for people who go to the gym or practice many physical exercises.” It is a quite painful massage because of the techniques used, and it requires a lot of strength on the part of the massage therapist, since we have to reach the deeper layers of the muscles, it is a massage that offers a lot of relief, especially in areas such as the neck, back, lower back and legs.

“There is also sports massage, recommended for athletes or people with very high physical activity, it can be used before or after competitions because they are to increase the working capacity of the muscle and to avoid injuries, we use many stretches and those techniques are also good for everyone in general.

“There are many other types of massages, but these are usually guided by doctors, such as lymphatic massage, foot massage, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, hot stone massage, Thai massage, etc. It depends on what I’m looking for each person. ”

How often are massages recommended?

“We can massage as many times as we want, the more frequent you receive it, the better your body will be in. However, it is not advisable to massage with fever, under the influence of alcohol, when there are acute inflammations, open wounds, or diseases. skin infections.”

Where is it best to receive the massage, at home or at the spa?

“Any place can be good for a massage whenever it meets certain conditions, it should be a quiet place where there are pleasant smells and temperatures, candles or incenses, and everything the person needs to feel comfortable and relaxed.”

Should the therapist exercise physically as a complement to his work?

“It is important that the massage therapist practice exercises and be in good physical shape because it is a profession that demands a lot of strength and resistance.

“You must be prepared to stand for long hours and adopt the positions required by each massage, as well as apply the manipulations and techniques with the necessary intensity, according to the client’s needs and the massage that will be used.”

Does the therapist load with the client’s energy?

“The profession of massage is very physical, sometimes, whether we want to or not, we carry the energy of the client, whether it is good or bad, your instrument of work is your body, specifically the hands, so sometimes, at the end of the day we are very, very tired.

“I think it’s important for massage therapist to cleanse our energy to avoid being constantly married and low spirits, we can do it like any other person, with relaxation techniques, breathing, meditating, doing outdoor exercises, taking off when we get home, or doing yoga. ”

What is the best and worst about being a massage therapist?

“For me the best thing about my job is the satisfaction of feeling that you are helping someone, that with your hands you are offering something good to the lives of the people who come to you.

“See someone who arrives destroyed, physically and emotionally, and when he comes out of the massage he has a smile of satisfaction and serenity, and he gives you a hug and says: ‘Thank you’, and he feels ‘like floating’, it’s wonderful, It really is priceless. ”

Heidis Guerra is a certified therapist for seven years and practices at the Bamford Haybarn Spa located at the 1 Hotel in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

To communicate with Heidis and quote a massage depending on your pain, you can contact her through 786-863-2965, or @casanellas_heidi on Instagram social network.

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