MOSES: Well, there’s a couple of places. Men’s Warehouse. Actually I’ll be honest I’ve never stepped a foot inside, but I’ve seen their ads and I’ve seen that you can get, like, a whole suit for 149 dollars with Italian labels. A spokesman told us: «It isn’t illegal to buy or sell dealer stamps and service books. We provide lots of information to people to help them with their purchases, but it’s not our place to question the motives of why people are selling things.»He suggested that before you buya used car you should get a vehicle history report, which will flag up any stolen cars, insurance write offs, and any outstanding finance or mileage inconsistencies. However, it won’t spot fake service records, although it might throw up some information that will make you suspicious of the maintenance schedule you’re shown by the car vendor.The spokesman’s other recommendation was to «call the garages involved».

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