Swathed in an apron depicting a very voluptuous, very naked female body with a couple of fat tomatoes placed strategically where the nipples would be, Christina Pirello, the fizzy {Prada Outlet, funny, utterly un Julia host of the Emmy Award winning PBS whole foods cooking show Christina Cooks, is on a roll and her cooking class is rapt. Pirello’s subject du jour: Dent corn. Dent corn?.

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She went on to number crunch so hard, she was part of a group that has a theorem about temperature for a mathematical model of magnetic material informally named after them. She has also written several math books aimed specifically at girls in an effort to promote the fact that it’s OK for women to be whatever they want to be, prejudices be damned. For millions of little boys whose first crush was Winnie Cooper Prada Bags Replica, there’s no greater satisfaction than knowing she somehow went on to be even more perfect years after the show..

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