But the business which sells «a little bit of everything» seems to have filled a needed niche in the small town. «One of our favorite past times is to go to flea markets on the weekends,» she said. «One day I said, ‘You know what? Odon does not have a flea market or anything like that.

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Fake Purses I know it’s not in the budget but we have to take care of the flooding before the rains come again and take care of the issues that we have for our citizens.»County Commission Chairman Janet White agreed to the plan stating that monsoon season was coming up.As per the other flooding area, Diablo Drive has had continuous flooding for 20 plus years and efforts from the Road Shop have been unsuccessful due to heavy rainfall from the surrounding mountainous areas.Quappe said the flooding on Diablo Drive limits excess to area residents including Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire services and law enforcement.»The EMS can’t get to them It takes forever to get across to them,» he said.White said she understands residents need assistance but did not understand why it was the county’s responsibility if it is their property.»I understand people purchase properties and aren’t aware of the flooding potential, I get that» White said. «At the same time I don’t see why the county is responsible if you bought the piece of property.»County Commissioner Lori Bies pointed out that Diablo Drive is a county maintained road and that it should be the responsibility of the county.»It’s a county maintained road Replica Bags, that’s where our responsibility lies,» Bies said.White ultimately made the motion to go out to bid on a low water crossing at the affected area.The total cost of the low water crossing according to Occam Engineers is totaled at about $110,000. According to Wilson and Company the project will be an estimated $43,000 Fake Purses.

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