Kaepernick was thought to have the strongest arm in the draft, which is why so many people had him going to the Raiders. He seemed like the perfect Al Davis pick. In many ways, he was. To me, it almost a no brainer.»Haslem was on the 2006 07 Heat team that came back virtually intact after winning a title, and remembers how many issues plagued that team, starting with several veterans showing up for training camp out of shape.With it now virtually certain that next season Heat team will be pretty close to the one that beat San Antonio in seven games for this season championship, Haslem is sure that the same issues won be a problem again.»Everybody will be in shape,» Haslem said. «Me and D Wade learned that the hard way. And LeBron sets the standard so high, man, everybody got to keep up with him so nobody wants to come back out of shape.»Haslem signed hundreds of autographs for 90 minutes, then scribbled his name on many more items thrust toward him by people still waiting in line when his appearance Saturday was completed.He left $14 million on the negotiating table three summers ago just so he could remain with the Heat and not go elsewhere as a free agent.»It amazing,» Haslem said.

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