«It’s unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous,» said the indignant youngster.»I think that’s wrong because why should boys and girls clothes even be separate because we’re just as good as each other.»Pointing out a girls’ top with the word «Hey» embroidered on it she asked: «What part of ‘Hey’ is great? I don’t get it.»Daisy, who does ballet and also goes to martial arts classes in Swindon, decided the girls were in need of inspiration and moved some of the boys tops to the girls display.»I always want to be adventurous and I think girls should be heroes, so I’m going to put them in the girls section.Becky, who later tweeted Tesco about her daughter’s disappointment, said the youngster liked girly things like make up and nail polish and had a pink bedroom.But she also joined the Beavers rather than the Brownies because she liked things like raft building, sailing and climbing trees.»Daisy doesn’t understand why there has to be separation,» she said.»It’s a shame the clothes designers and clothes outlets don’t think more outside the box, and not stereotype their young customers. Well done for expressing what many girls feel.»Jacqui Mitchell said: «I’ve raised this with Tesco before, I agree whole heartedly with this young person and think Tesco should make her something worth wearing.»In a statement Tesco said: «We stock a wide variety of clothes suitable for girls and boys and listen to the views of our customers when reviewing our range. We’d like to thank Daisy for her feedback and we can assure her that new styles will be arriving in stores shortly.»Get a grip, welcome to 2016 where if you don’t like a shirt you need to post a video and everyone else has to dislike it or feel offended because you do, how about people do what they feel is fine for them, if you don’t like the shirts don’t buy them, or if it’s in the Boys section who’s going to know/honestly really care if a girls wearing it? What an utter waste of space this story is.

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