AUSTIN, Texas (AP) A federal judge on Monday refused to block the government’s $100 million lawsuit against Lance Armstrong, putting the former cyclist on course for trial in a 2010 case stemming from his performance enhancing drug use. Postal Service teammate Floyd Landis. The federal government joined in 2013 after Armstrong publicly admitted he cheated to win the Tour de France seven times from 1999 2005.

Monday, Aug. 13 at Knollwood Country Club, 5050 W. Maple Road, West Bloomfield Township. (Embittered or contested divorces notwithstanding; don’t sweat the little things.) After the kids,the money is the main negotiation in divorce. You have assets, and you have debts. And as you separate your money issues, you will each get portions of both.

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$16 18, 8pm. The Jefferson Theater, 101 E. Main St. She was born June 18, 1937, in Portland, Ore. A resident for 11 years, she was a homemaker and worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for five years.She is survived by her husband, Roger; two sons, Kevin McCarthy and Craig McCarthy, and one stepson, Sean McCarthy, all of California; two sisters, Dixie Crumrine of Oregon and Dolores Roth of California; one brother, Paul Cagle of Oregon; and two grandchildren.Nevada Funeral Service Nevada Cremation or Burial Society, 2121 Western Ave., Suite A 3, is handling arrangements.PRECIOUS MARIE MONROEPrecious Marie Monroe, died Tuesday, her date of birth, in a local hospital.She is survived by her mother, Tina Monroe.Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery. Desert Memorial Cremation and Burial Society, 1111 Las Vegas Blvd.

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