Dickenson, B. Hay, R. Bailey, W. The body of one of the two welders who died as they worked inside the 5 foot diameter water main was pulled out just before midnight. He was found 80 feet from the opening of the pipe, which burned in the explosion when a backhoe punctured a gas line. Three other construction workers died as a result of the blast..

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N Lee 12 10, Reinhardt 3 0: At Cleveland, the NAIA’s No. 2 ranked team improved to 26 6 with the doubleheader sweep, and Jay Bolen and James Rechenbach improved their pitching records to 6 0 and 5 0. The three runs off Bolen were unearned. Cut groundhog into large pieces, put them in a large pot ad cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. Discard the water, refill the pan and bring to a boil again.

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Aug. Sunday, Aug. 19 at Waterford Township Hall, 5100 Civic Center Drive, Waterford Township. «I put it together in my mind five or six years ago. Now was the right time. I wanted to bring back the old news and cigar feel,» said Martin, 47, who has eight employees at the store.

cheap oakley sunglasses GOP challenger Rob Wallace, a former state representative from Tampa, raised $14,000 this quarter, for a total of $22,000. Republican John Korsak has raised a total of $16,000. Democrat Wes Johnson has nearly $25,000.. 24, gala auction.a great piece, said foundation chairman Jon Maraschin, who asked Oakley in March if she would donate a painting to the auction.Maraschin, a former co worker of Oakley at US Bank, was updated on the painting progress periodically via photographs from Oakley cell phone.The final updates came in the cheap oakleys past two weeks when Oakley sat down to begin the finishing phase in her artistic process.During that phase, she corrected mistakes in color or design, then glazed the piece for overall appeal.The final phase took a little more than three hours, making it the least labor intensive part of her process. However, it also was the most difficult phase to plan because it was dictated by how earlier layers of paint dried.example, I didn anticipate that screaming yellow thing, Oakley said, pointing to a tree in the upper left quadrant before she started the finishing phase. How it is competing with the focal point? It won combined a transparent orange oil paint with painting medium to create a substance to dull the yellow cheap oakley sunglasses.

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